Havener Center Student Employees


The Havener Center is the community center of the campus and serves students, faculty, staff, and community members with programs, activities and facilities that complement the educational experience outside the classroom.  We strongly value the educational opportunities available to students through employment with the Havener Center Operations.  It’s not just about a paycheck, but the personal and professional development opportunities available to increase student’s leadership and marketable skills while preparing them for work outside S&T. 


Building Operations Supervisors
2016 Spring BOS

From Left to Right:

Kevin Thompson, Eddie Hudson, Marc Teeter, Joe Jacobi, Nolan Severson

Building Operations Supervisors in Training

2016 Spring  BOST

(Left to right)

Mike Cimo, Richard Braun

Building Operations Supervisors , Operations Assistants and Information Desk Attendants

(Left to right)

Front row: Mike Cimo, Valencia McKinney, Kendra Wood, Sienna Hohenstreet, Marc Teeter

Middle row: Montana Kempfer, Logan Eutsler, Caelan McCracken, Aaron Chu, Eddie Hudson, Nolan Severson, Richard Braun, Desoto Dickson, Joe Jacobi

End row: Peter Simpson, Alex Brown, Paa Imbeah, Lucas Parker, Kevin Thompson, Matt Smith, Tyler Hembrock, Justin Bivins

Not pictured: Hannah Hill (co-op), Akachukwu Nwosu, Nicholas Jordan, Mikaela Insall (co-op), Hunter Evans (co-op)

2016 Spring Student Staff  

Reservations Assistant

Charlie Brown

Charlie FS2015