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Important Information for RSOs


1)      Filling out this form does not guarantee your organization a storage assignment.  The waiting list is created on a first come/first serve basis. 

2)      Storage assignment/location is decided upon by a designated university employee.

3)      Storage assignment/location changes can be authorized by the university.

4)      Once assigned a storage space, the president is the only person who will be granted a key.  The other 3 members who are granted access (as above in the request form), will be required to check out a key with the key master.  The key will need to be returned no later than 48 hours after check out. 

5)      Perishable food items (any food that must be kept warm or cold for safety purposes) are not allowed in storage.  All other non-perishable food items must be kept in a latching/locking dry safe container (i.e. Rubbermaid containers).

6)      Hazardous material cannot be stored in these storage areas. (i.e. propane tanks)