About Havener Center


Havener Center is a facility of the Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T) and fulfills the University mission of teaching, research, and service. Havener Center is the community center of the campus and serves students, faculty, staff, and guests with programs, activities, and facilities that complement the educational experience at Missouri S&T.


Havener Center is a student-centered facility that values participatory decision-making and high quality customer service. Havener Center offers first-hand experience in citizenship and educates students in leadership, social responsibility, and values. Havener Center provides an environment for positive interaction between its various user groups. The opportunities provided by the creation of an appropriate atmosphere, and by the participation in governance, serve to cultivate positive feelings toward and ultimately loyalty to Missouri S&T.


Havener Center encourages self-directed activity and provides maximum opportunity for self-realization and growth in individual social competency and group effectiveness. Through services, conveniences, and amenities provided in the Havener Center, the university community, guests, and visitors find a warm and friendly place to hold meetings, participate in social events, or just relax and enjoy the collegiate atmosphere. Havener Center is the gathering place of Missouri S&T; its purpose is to support the building of leaders and community.