Havener Policies and Procedures

General Information

Havener Center facilities may be scheduled for activities that enhance educational and social opportunities for students, faculty and staff, and when available, community groups. University groups will receive priority when scheduling space and equipment. The use of Havener Center facilities and equipment must be in compliance with the Collected Rules and Regulations of the University of Missouri.

The goal is for patrons to have a successful event and enjoy their experience in the Havener Center. All reasonable requests will be met within a timely manner to the extent able with available resources and equipment.

Information Applicable to all Individuals and/or Groups

  • Havener Center is intended for use by students, faculty, staff, dependents, and guests of the university. All other people in the facility may be asked to leave. Havener Center staff reserves the right to ask for identification.
  • Havener Center facilities or equipment must be reserved at least two business days in advance of the event. Proper documentation must be submitted: Student Organization Activity Permit (create an event in Engage), Facility Use Request, or Facility Usage Agreement. Depending upon the facility requested, the type of activity, and the sponsoring organization, a usage fee may be assessed.
  • All individuals and/or organizations will be responsible for the proper care and use of Havener Center facilities, furnishings, and equipment. Charges will be assessed for damages and/or excessive cleaning that may be incurred.
  • Direct solicitation of money, regardless of the intended use, is not permitted on University property.
  • Pets, bicycles, skateboards, in-line skates, and scooters are not permitted in Havener Center facilities.
  • Posters, flyers and/or banners must be posted only in designated areas. Posting is subject to Missouri S&T and Havener Center posting policies.
  • All University facilities are designated smoke-free.
  • Shoes and shirts are required for individuals to either use facilities or receive service in Havener Center.
  • Specific rules for using the game room and quiet lounge are posted in those areas.
  • These policies may be amended or expanded as deemed necessary by Event Services. Please direct questions to the Event Services, 216 Havener Center, 573.341.4399, or email reserve@mst.edu.
  • Non-university groups or individuals may not reserve facilities in the name of a student group or university department to avoid payment of usage fees. Reservation requests will only be accepted in the name of the group or individual sponsoring the event.
  • Meeting rooms, University event space, or equipment must be reserved at least two business days in advance of event via Student Organization Activity Permit, Facility Use Request, or Facility Usage Agreement. Failure to do so will result in a $25 charge.
  • Groups failing to cancel a reservation at least two business days in advance of event or conducting major changes to room setups without prior approval will receive a warning after the first infraction and a $25 charge for each time thereafter.
  • Reservation requests will be accepted only for space needed to accommodate an event. Block booking of the entire facility is not permitted. A meeting with Event Services staff at the time the reservation is requested is recommended to determine space needs for booking purposes for large events or multiple space requests.
  • Changes and cancellations of reservation requests should be made only by the individual responsible for the request. Should a reservation need to be cancelled, the responsible individual is required to notify Event Services immediately. If reservation requests are not cancelled two full business days prior to event time, a $25 charge will be applied.
  • Event Services reserves the right to reassign space. A group may be reassigned to a room other than requested if such a move will maximize use of the Havener Center facility, and the size of the group and the activity is suitable for the space.
  • Only in extreme circumstances will student organizations be reassigned to facilities outside the Havener Center. When possible, a two business day notice will be given to the student group and other suitable space must be identified.
  • Event Services may determine certain events require security, definitions of responsibility, or media relations in order to preserve the safety and security of patrons, as well as the rights to assembly and free speech. All costs associated with security and other services will be charged to the user. Decisions concerning these services are the responsibility of Event Services are final.
  • Reservation requests will not be accepted for events that conflict with University contracted services, i.e., S&T Bookstore and S&T Dining Services. Contact the Event Services for details.
  • When at all possible, the following student organization classifications will have their activities scheduled in the Havener Center: Governing and Programming, Intercultural, Religious, Social/Special Interest, and Service Organizations. If space is not available, these organizations may be assigned space in classroom facilities.

Study Groups

The primary intention for Havener Center meeting rooms is for organizational meetings. When available, use of specific conference or meeting rooms is allowed for group study. The following rules apply:

  • A study group is defined as at least three individuals.
  • Study groups are not required to reserve space in advance.
  • Study groups may request space from the Information Desk or Event Services.
  • Information Desk or Event Services reserves the right to dictate available space.
  • The John & Dorcas Park Quiet Lounge is exempt from these requirements.


Catering is defined as any food and/or beverage prepared and delivered for consumption at an event.


Catering Exclusivity Policy

Havener Center policy is that S&T Dining Services must provide all food and/or beverage service in the Havener Center. Request for food and beverage service must be made directly with S&T Dining Services, 573.341.7019. This includes faculty, staff, students, and external customers.  All other food and beverage services must be provided by the university contracted dining service. Food items may not be delivered into the Havener Center by a local business (i.e. pizza, bagels, sandwiches, etc.).


Student Organization Meetings & Events

S&T Dining Services does sometimes allow Recognized Student Organizations (RSO) to bring in prepurchase or prepared food items into Havener Center for events with the following conditions. The food value is not to exceed $150. Food cannot include items that require time temperature controls as specified by the health department, which include, any items that need temperature controls such as cold items (deli meat, potato salads, salad, etc.) or hot (chicken fingers, casseroles, rice, etc.).  A pot luck would not fit this exemption.

Typical approved foods include: home-baked snacks (pastries, cookies, cakes), packaged snacks (pretzels, potato chips, crackers, candy), and beverages (soda, punch, ice tea).


Student Fundraising Involving Food Items

Any organization coordinating an event where food or beverage items are to be sold in the Havener Center or plaza requires the following:

  1. The event must be approved by the Student Involvement and S&T Dining Services.  Dining Services may require additional training.
  2. Donations for sale must be confirmed with a letter on original letterhead from the vendor providing the donation. The letter be submitted Student Involvement and S&T Dining Services.


Consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted on University property with proper authorization from the appropriate University officials and must be furnished by S&T Dining Services. Alcoholic Beverage Permit applications are available electronically or upon request from Event Services, 216 Havener Center, 573.341.4399. University facilities are not licensed for Sunday sales.

Alcoholic beverages must remain in the space reserved. Patrons leaving the facility with alcohol will be subject to City of Rolla open container ordinances. All serving of alcohol will cease one hour before facility closing.

Users of the Havener Center who are not associated with Missouri S&T must complete an usage agreement in order to hosts events in the facility.  Depending upon the nature of the event, users may need to provide proof of liability insurance coverage.  For additional information, contact Event Services at reserve@mst.edu or 573.341.4399.

An usage agreement will be sent to the individual responsible for the event upon confirmation of space availability for the event.  In order to complete the reservation process, the usage agreement must be returned to Event Services by the specified deadline or the reservation request will be cancelled.

All food and beverages for events in the Havener Center must be obtained through S&T Dining Services.  Additional information is available at S&T Dining Services or 573.341.7019.

Events where alcoholic beverages will be served, sold or provided must complete and submit an Alcoholic Beverage Request Form.  The form must be submitted at least 14 business days prior to event.  All events involving the sale or distribution of alcoholic beverages must provide proof of general liability insurance in the amount of one million dollars ($1,000,000.00) combined single limit for bodily injury and property damage, per occurrence and aggregate.  In addition, the policy shall name The Curators of the University of Missouri as an “additional insured”.


  • Audio visual equipment in the Havener Center is available for use in the building at no charge. However, the use of some equipment may require the services of a technician. A minimum $25 charge for technician services will be assessed to the sponsoring group. See fee schedule for applicable charges. Use of audio visual services should be discussed when the facilities are reserved. Only Event Services staff may operate Havener Center sound and lighting equipment.
  • Havener Center equipment and/or furnishings may not be removed from the premises without the approval of Event Services. Under no circumstances will permission be given to remove Havener Center equipment and/or furnishings from University property. Equipment leaving the Havener Center is subject to a rental fee.
  • Special equipment (i.e. stage, riser, lighting standards and instruments, dance floor) require a fee.
  • Individuals who do not return equipment at the specified time, including power strips, VGA cords, and sound cords, will be charged $10 or a replacement fee.

Room/Plaza Setup

Preliminary plans for physical setup should be furnished at the time facilities are reserved. Final plans for physical setup must be furnished to Event Services seven days in advance of event. Any changes must be received two business days of event. Failure to do so will result in a $25 fee.  Room setup requiring additional effort (i.e. staging, riser, lighting, sound, computing, and electrical needs) may require additional fees. Event Services will make all arrangements for setup in Havener Center. A meeting with Event Services is recommended for multiple reservation requests and space requests.

Table Space Rental by Non-Students or Non-University Affiliated Groups or/Individuals

University buildings and grounds are intended for use by students, faculty, and staff in support of the University's mission of teaching, research, and service. Individuals and groups not associated with the University may use Havener Center facilities when available. Usage must be in accordance with University rules and regulations. For information related to the use of Havener Center facilities, contact Event Services at 573.341.4399, or email reserve@mst.edu.

Havener Center has indoor and outdoor space where student organizations, campus departments, and individuals or groups not associated with the University may set up informational displays and/or sell goods/services. For these purposes, the Havener Center provides one six-foot folding table and two chairs. Additional tables and chairs are available. Individuals and groups not associated with the university may rent table space. Table rental by non-university affiliated individuals or groups falls into two categories.

Informational purposes: The organization distributes information to the campus community or gives away items at no charge. The organization does not collect names or address information for solicitation purposes. Examples of table rental for informational use include corporate or military recruiters distributing information. Anonymous survey instruments are considered informational. Please contact Event Services for pricing.

Commercial purposes: The organization gathers information or sells goods and/or services for a profit. The organization gathers name and address information for solicitation purposes. Examples of table rental for commercial purposes include but are not limited to magazine/newspaper vendors’ selling subscriptions, poster sales, and craft displays. Please contact Event Services for pricing.

Credit card solicitation and other sales/services: University of Missouri Collected Rules and Regulations prohibit, without prior authorization, sales or solicitations on university property. The Missouri University of Science and Technology Student Council requested the University not allow credit card solicitations or any other activity regarding applications or contracts. The Havener Center honors the request of Student Council. Credit card, telephone card, or other financial services vendors are not allowed at the Havener Center or on the Missouri S&T campus.

Reservation requests must be received two business days prior to event and pay a rental fee.

The possession of and discharge of firearms, weapons, or explosives on University property is prohibited except in regularly approved programs or by University agents or employees in the line of duty.

All classes, meetings or assemblages, and use by individuals of any sort held in University buildings or on University grounds are subject to applicable U.S. and Missouri laws and University requirements, rules, and regulations. In addition, it is expected that proper care will be taken of the facility and that simple rules of courtesy, decency, and good manners will be observed at all times. Failure to abide by these requirements may cause the permission for the use of the facility to be withdrawn at any time, or for future permission for the use of any University facilities to be denied.

The University reserves the right to set reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions on all meetings, gatherings or get-togethers to assure the most beneficial use of buildings and grounds of the University are made and there is no interference with the right of students to obtain an education.

The use of University facilities should not imply an endorsement of any individual, group, or organization; and the name of the University shall not be identified in any way with the aims, policies, programs, products, or opinions of any individual, groups or organizations which may meet in University buildings or on University grounds.

Event Services may determine certain events require security, definitions of responsibility, or media relations in order to preserve the safety and security of patrons as well as the rights to assembly and free speech. All costs associated with security and other services will be charged to the user. Decisions concerning these services are the responsibility of Event Services and are final.

The University of Missouri Collected Rules and Regulations provides the authority to collect facility use fees. Some of the factors considered when determining fee application include the following:

  • Type of group - university or non-university
  • Commercial, not-for-profit, or individual use
  • Income generated by the event
  • Admission charges for the event

The term "income generated" includes collection of monies of admission charges and exchange of and/or collection of money during scheduled event. The intended use of generated income is not a factor. Admission charges will include advanced ticket sales either on or off University property, and sales at the door prior to the start of the event. Please contact the Event Services for pricing.

Additional Charges

  • Special equipment (i.e. stage, riser, lighting standards and instruments, dance floor) requires a rental fee.
  • Additional labor charges will be assessed, in addition to regular use fees, when an excessive amount of cleaning is required to restore facilities to a condition adequate for continued use.
  • A minimum $25 charge will be assessed to cover personnel expenses when scheduled events begin before or extend past normal building hours, or when the event is scheduled during a time Havener Center is normally closed.
  • Charges will be assessed for damages to equipment, furnishings or room surfaces. See decoration guidelines for proper placement and hanging of decorations.
  • Sales tax may be collected on all fees. Taxes will be waived upon submission of a tax exemption certificate from the State of Missouri issued to the sponsoring organization.
  • Special electrical needs must be handled by a staff technician. Additional charges apply.
  • Event Services is not able to assist with moving non-university equipment.

The use of decorations must be approved in advance. Please see the decoration guidelines for information. Additional fees will be assessed on all items that require special removal and/or cleanup by Event Services. Decorating plans should be submitted to Event Services approximately four weeks prior to event. A meeting with Event Services is recommended for events with extensive decorations.

  • Only mounting putty and existing eyelets may be used for attaching decorations to walls.
  • Other items such as nails, thumbtacks, duct tape, masking tape, clear tape, and command strips are strictly prohibited.
  • The use of open-flame candles, confetti, and glitter are strictly prohibited.
  • Only live trees or plants in pots and flower arrangements in vases are permitted.
  • Straw and other materials that drop waste material must sit on a drop cloth or other floor covering.
  • Decorations may not be hung from ceiling grids, light fixtures, light bars, or heating and air conditioning vents.
  • Balloons must be secured. Balloons are not permitted to be freely floating.

No live animals except service animals.

Havener Center does not assume responsibility for damage to or loss of any materials, equipment, or personal properties left in the building. Non-university users of the facility must complete and submit a facility usage agreement. Proof of liability insurance may be requested.

To ensure the safety of building occupants, the following must be observed:

  • The space reserved for each event is not to be used in excess of safe seating capacity.
  • All aisles leading to exit doors must remain clear and unobstructed.
  • Exit doors may not be fastened or obstructed to prevent doors from being opened from inside the room.
  • Do not use the elevator in the event of fire. Please use the stairwells.
  • Building hours for the Havener Center will be determined according to the needs and interests of the University community. Regular building hours will be posted. Changes to building hours will be posted at least 72 hours in advance. For the most updated buiding hours and last minute changes, visit us on Facebook @HavenerCenter.
  • Groups scheduling activities that begin before or end after established building hours may be assessed an hourly fee for overtime use. The minimum fee assessed is $25.
  • Special events may be scheduled for times when the facility is normally closed (i.e. campus holidays). Overtime charges for this use will apply.
  • Regular building hours change when classes are not in session, during summer semester, and holidays. Changes in building hours will be posted at least 72 hours in advance.