Equipment Rentals

Havener Center has equipment available for rent to aid in your presentations or events.

Type of equipment

Rental fee per day

Maximum # allowed

6’ or 8’ table

$8 per table


Round table (60")

$10 per table


Chairs (red chairs only)

$1 per chair


Portable Screen

$5 per screen


Easel or Cork Board

$7.50 per item





Chancellor’s podium



Coat Rack




Equipment Policies

  • Havener Center equipment may not be removed from the premises without a completed Reservation Request Form. Under no circumstances will permission be given to remove Havener Center equipment from University property. Violation of this policy may result in denial of future requests. Only the equipment listed above is available for rental outside of Havener Center.
  • Missouri S&T Physical Facilities has tables, chairs, and other equipment for rent.  Havener Center equipment should be rented only if physical facilities equipment is not available.  Call 573.341.4252 or visit the physical facilities website at for information.
  • Audio and visual equipment is not allowed to leave Havener Center.
  • Havener Center staff will not deliver or set up these items.  Equipment will be picked up and dropped off at Havener Center loading dock or Information Desk by the individual who reserved the equipment. If necessary, please contact Physical Facilities to handle the pickup/drop off and set up of the reserved equipment.